Urban Mandalas are photo collages that pay tribute to cities around the world. The images are a mix of architecture, natural landscapes, public sculptures, and graffiti. Each city is photographed in person and is then digitally composed.

What is a mandala? In simple terms, a mandala is a circular pattern. In Buddhism, Hinduism, and to a lesser extent, Christianity (think: stained glass), mandalas are visual tools for meditation. My primary inspiration for this project came from Tibetan Sand Mandalas [Wikipedia], which act as a map of the cosmos and represent the impermanent nature of our existence. For my Urban Mandalas, I use pixels in place of sand to symbolize the idea is that everything is connected—from infrastructure to people. Stay tuned for new cities via Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Prints are available for purchase in the Shop. Large-scale carpets are available exclusively from MoooiContact me if you'd like to commission a new city.

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