Urban Mandalas are photo collages that pay tribute to cities around the world. The images are a mix of architecture, natural landscapes, public sculptures, and graffiti. Each city is photographed in person and is then digitally composed.

What is a mandala? In simple terms, a mandala is a circular pattern. In Buddhism, Hinduism, and to a lesser extent, Christianity (think: stained glass), mandalas are visual tools for meditation. My primary inspiration for this project came from Tibetan Sand Mandalas [Wikipedia], which act as a map of the cosmos and represent the impermanent nature of our existence. For my Urban Mandalas, pixels take place of sand to symbolize the idea that everything is connected—all is one. Stay tuned for new cities via Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Prints are available for purchase in the Shop. Large-scale carpets are available exclusively from MoooiContact me if you'd like to commission a new city.

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