Hello—welcome to my portfolio. Below is a mix of some recent work. I primarily work in graphic design, branding, and photography, but I also playwith audio and video. I've had the pleasure to develop pieces for Andersen Windows, Be The Match, Calhoun Square, Dell Computers, the Minnesota Orchestra, Polaroid, Room & Board, and more. I also teach graphic design, typography, and experimental mapping at MCAD. If you have any questions or comments, please email me. You can download a resumé here.

Logo and Photography for Rise Bagel Co.


Poster for the Twin Cities Jazz Festival


Room & Board photography timelapse

Dittoscribe logo and website


Logo design for Illumin8—a new line of lighter, cooler, extremely-efficient lightbulbs from Polaroid.  


Minneapolis infographic


Postcards for the Minnesota Orchestra—Puppini Sisters and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra


Lyrical Cartography is a conceptual mapping system I developed to give immediate visual impressions of poems, speeches, books, or lyrics. It's been featured in Infographic Design (Chois Publishing, 2013) and on The original size 4' x 4'—you can zoom in here


Post-Transplant care guide for Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program)


V&POR "Volume & Panning Output Reference" (pronounced "Vapor") is an audio plug-in application that combines volume and panning controls into a single graphical interface. I created V&POR as a way to rethink traditional mixing systems.

Thanks for visiting. Now check out some of my art and music.