Hello and welcome to my portfolio. Below is a collection of some recent work. I specialize in graphic design, photography, video, and audio, but have a passion for creating all things visual and aural. I've had the pleasure to develop work for Andersen Windows, Be The Match, Calhoun Square, Dell Computers, the Minnesota Orchestra, Polaroid, Room & Board, and more. I also teach graphic design, typography, and conceptual cartography at MCAD. If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a note. If you're into resumés, I have one of those.

I'm a foodie, so I was stoked when Rise Bagel Co. asked me to create their branding. I believe these to be the best bagels I've ever had—New York, SF, or anywhere—which made photographing them very easy.


I love Jazz. While creating this poster for the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, I had Blue Train by John Coltrane blasting in the background.


Room & Board snuck me in behind-the-scenes to document their annual, retail floor change with this time-lapse. They provided the title cards and the music was licensed from a third-party.

Dittoscribe is a one-for-one concept providing children in need with educational supplies. Here, I created the branding and website. 


Logo design for Illumin8—a new line of lighter, cooler, extremely-efficient lightbulbs from Polaroid.  


I can be a nerd when it comes to maps and infographics. As a traveler, I know the importance of having clear information about entering a new city. 


The Minnesota Orchestra is a great organization and they do a whole lot more than Classical. These are a couple pieces I did for the Puppini Sisters and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. 


Lyrical Cartography is a conceptual mapping system I developed to give immediate visual impressions of poems, speeches, books, or lyrics. It's been featured in Infographic Design (Chois Publishing, 2013) and on The original size is pretty big (4' x 4'), so feel free to zoom in here


I've been working with Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program) to produce all types of digital and printed materials for their organization—medical care brochure, fundraising campaigns, and more. The piece above was created as a medical guide for post-transplant care. 


V&POR "Volume & Panning Output Reference" (pronounced "Vapor") is an audio plug-in application that combines volume and panning controls into a single graphical interface. I created V&POR as a way to rethink traditional mixing systems. I currently speak more French than Code, but the identity, music, and interface are all me. Push Play. 

Thanks for visiting. While you're in the neighborhood, check out some of my art and music.