Infinite Religions
Harmony (2015)
Mirrors (2014)
Duality (2014)

Neal Peterson
The Persistence of Tides (2011)
Chaos Theory, Explained (2009)
Riot in Luxury (2007)
Songs for the Whiskey Convention (2003)

Curious Yello
XYZ: Rarities (2009)
Wish (2001)

Infinite Religions is a series of experimental song recordings.
Listen/download music here:

 Part I. 

Duality is composed of two songs ("Life" & "Death") that can be played independently 
or in synch to reveal a third
song titled "Duality". 

Part II.

 Mirrors is a single audio track that can be played forwards or backwards to produce two individual songs—
"Ascension" & "Reflection".


Part III.

Harmony is a song composed of two parts that are inspired by the Golden Section—a ratio found in nature and applied in art for its intrinsic beauty.