Welcome. Below you will find a few examples of my maps and infographics. Although some of these samples lean artistic, I am no stranger to organizing and visualizing technical information—a skill I conditioned working in the legal field creating litigation graphics and the like. I also have related background experience teaching typography and a leading a "Conceptual Cartography" workshop.


I love to travel, and I know the importance of straight-forward information about getting in and around a new city. I created this infographic for like-minded travelers interested in Minneapolis.  


Lyrical Cartography is a conceptual mapping system I developed to give immediate visual impressions of poems, speeches, books, or lyrics. It's been featured in Infographic Design (Chois Publishing, 2013) and on VisualComplexity.com. The original size is pretty big (4' x 4'), so feel free to zoom in here


This infographic maps the lyrical references in the song The Tide. Click to view a larger version.  


This map geographically documents one month's journal entries from my time spent living in Manhattan. Click the lower image for a close-up.  


V&POR "Volume & Panning Output Reference" (pronounced "Vapor") is an audio plug-in application that combines volume and panning controls into a single graphical interface. I created V&POR as a way to rethink traditional mixing systems. I currently speak more French than Code, but the identity, music, and interface are all me. Push Play.

Thanks for your time. To view my primary portfolio, click here. To view my personal art and music projects, click here.